About Us
Quality and Environmental policy
Sala Bly has since 1879 manufactured lead products in a wide range. Our knowledge and extensive experience guarantees a successful and profitable customer relationship.  In Europe, Sala Bly has a leading position in the lead semis market and we are currently working to be established worldwide. The business concept to reach our unique market position reads: “Sala Bly will become one of the leading lead product manufacturers in the world based on its unique knowledge and experience, working with lead for more than 130 years”
Sala Bly's customers are primarily located in Europe, mainly involved in the following industries:
Ammunition, Shipyards, Surface treatment, X-ray, Construction, Hospitals, Dentists, Veterinaries, Glassworks, Batteries, Excavation and Telecommunication.
Sala Blys’s products include a wide range of lead semis e.g. bullet wire, anode, castings, counterweights and radiation protection etc. For us, quality is satisfying our customers’ demands and needs.
  • Quality shall be a vital reason for the customer’s decision to choose us.
  • Our commitment and services shall be formed in a professional and occupationally correct manner. This will be achieved with reliable and effective targets and routines that will be secured through continuous updates and improvements.
  • We are constantly working with new goals to improve our organization.
  • The main objective after an accomplished assignment is customer satisfaction with the final product
  • We will work with a wide margin to abide by current legislations, both regionally and internationally
  • We aim at using raw materials and energy effectively and carefully, thus working to minimize environmental pollution
  • Through continuous information and further education we will make all parties aware of their respective possibilities to contribute and improve environmental/quality concerns in our organization.
  • The environment is a priority for us and we will continuously work with the best available technologies, while respecting the environment.  
  • These norms apply to both the company, as well as its employees.


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